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School Lunch Program Important Information

 St.Bernard's Elementary is extremely lucky to be partnered again this year with School Lunch Association . The following is important parent information for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

1. All parents need to register for the SLA program, in order to participate. Parents can register here www.schoollunch.ca  or you can print out a copy of the form and drop it back to St. Bernard's Elementary.

2.     First meal service will be Sept 26th

3. Online orders can be ordered at 
www.schoollunch.ca during the dates below. 

 Menu ordering dates & deadlines (online and paper) up to December:

-Sept/Oct Meals - Ordering starts Sept 6th deadline is Sept 12th
-November Meals - Ordering starts October 10th deadline is October 16th
-December Meals - Ordering starts November 7th deadline is November 13th
-January Meals - Ordering starts December 5th deadline is December 11th

  All updates, notices, and deadlines are posted on SLA social media pages and emailed to all schools.   If parents have any questions please ask them to contact us SLA @754-5323 or via email at sla@schoollunch.ca

Our New website is up and running and can be found at the following URL:


​Please check here for updated information and announcements

Allergy Reminder

As our new school year begins, we would like to be reminded of the allergies that are present in our school. A friendly reminder to parents that we have several students with significant allergy issues, which can cause anaphylaxis reactions.  Our allergy alerts are with Peanuts (all nuts), Fish and Egg.  Nuts and fish are not be permitted in the building.  Regarding the egg allergy, visible eggs, like an egg salad sandwich or egg on a salad, will not be permitted.  If egg is in a baked goods product like cookies or breads, it will be okay.  Thank you for being attentive to these important health issues for our students.  Thank you to parents and students for being so understanding, co-operative and supportive of this matter.

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