Serving the communities of Bay Bulls, Witless Bay, Mobile, Tors Cove, Burnt Cove, St. Michael's and Bauline


We are very lucky that every year, new mothers in our community agree to work with our grade four classes to teach empathy. There is no better teacher for this topic than a baby. Babies from our community (usually with a connection to our school), visit throughout the year and teach lessons on compassion and emotions. The children get to interact with the baby and watch as he or she grows. They also get to witness positive interactions between the parent and baby. We have been running this program in our school for a number of years now as our very first ROE baby is currently in grade three!


In partnership with the NLESD and MMSB, St. Bernard's has an intensive recycling program in which all in school recyling is cleaned by students and separated in the appropriated bins for containers, paper and garbage. Color coded bins provided by MMSB with colorful photos help children identify where their waste goes. In addition, weekly recycling blitzes help families become involved as student are encouraged to clean recyclables at home and bring them in. Our students are receiving a green education and our school gets a refund that goes toward school fundraising goals. 


Here at St. Bernard's we are blessed to have a large community of family, friends and community members who support us in our learning goals. So, whenever we can , we like to give back to the community and lend a helping hand. In the fall we collect for the food bank. Our grade sixes regularly have hat day to support charities. We have helped the Janeway, fire relief funds and a wide variety of other local organizations. Most recently, we collected toiletry items on the 100th Day of School and donated them to the Gathering Place. Its a great feeling to help others and it contributes to our goal of raising a group of students that care for others and contribute to society in meaningful ways. 


Thanks to our fundraising efforts, we have been able to purchase a number of iPads for classroom use. Children are learning how to use these devices to assist in their learning as well as to produce new forms of products. These skills are essential in preparing our students for the world that we currently live in. Levels of student engagement increase when they are interested in learning. Also, using new technologies allows students to take ownership for their learning and often, to show other students and teachers the skills that they may already have with these devices. We are very excited to have opportunities that prepare children for the technologically aware world that we live in. 

   After School Options

There are various after school options available for students after their day finishes at St. Bernard's. 

BBBAA After School Program

The Bay Bulls Bauline Athletic Association, as well as being a long time supporter of the school, offers an After School Recreation Program at the Bay Bulls Regional Lifestyle Centre. For more information, please contact Allison Whitty at (709) 334-2300, or download the Application Form here : 

Fun Learning After School program

This year there will be an After School Homework Program operated by Fun Learning Inc. at the school. this will be operated by Ms. Kim Curtis and her team and will operate out of the cafeteria. For more information, Kim can be contacted at, at (709) 764 2899. The website is available here:


Last year, with the help of our local girl guides and Toyota, our school was able to build our very own garden. Students, staff and community members worked together to fence the land, create the beds and plant vegetables and berries. Students loved getting their hands dirty and using the proper use of garden tools In the fall, classes took turns harvesting their crops and even had the opportunity to taste test some new foods. Through hands on involvement, we are hoping that children will learn the value of growing their own food.